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West Little River, FL 33147
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West Little River, FL 33147


West Little River, FL 33147

We are looking for people with Chronic Kidney Disease to participate in a paid study.
Kidneys that don't work well for longer than 3 months is called chronic kidney disease (CKD).

If you think you have chronic kidney disease, (305)220-2727
Receive financial compensation for time and travel.
Receive medical oversight at no cost.

CALL (305) 220-2727

What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Disease?

Early detection is the first step in treating chronic kidney disease. The symptoms of kidney disease may include:

Nausea and vomiting
Passing only small amounts of urine
Swelling, particularly of the ankles, and puffiness around the eyes
Unpleasant taste in the mouth and urine-like odor to the breath
Persistent fatigue or shortness of breath
Loss of appetite
Increasingly higher blood pressure
Muscle cramps, especially in the legs
Pale skin
Excessively dry, itchy skin
In children: increased fatigue and sleepiness, decrease in appetite, and poor growth

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