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Colonial Heights
Kennedy Machinist tool boxes with Starrett 5

Retired plastic injection tool room machinist has finally decided to sell his machinist tools. Kennedy Machinist tool boxes with Starrett...

33179, California Club
Starrett 120Z-12 56693 0-12'' PRECISION DIAL 6

Starrett 120Z-12 56693 0-12'' PRECISION DIAL CALIPER - GRADUATION: 0.001'' Made in the USA Mint condition, used very little, kept in Kennedy...

33179, California Club

Matco roller bottom toolbox that's in excellent condition plus full of hand tools. Each unit has 10 drawers with all kinds of hand tools. Lot of...

33179, Ives Estates
Hobby Tools 1

36 Hobby Tools, Combo Sander, Cut Off Saw, Jointer, Hydraulic punch & accessories, Carving Wood Chisels, Etc.

4911 162nd Avenue North, 33760, Clearwater
Discounts on Insulation Blower Machine 1

Are you looking for an insulation blower machine? Then you are at the right place as we are highly recognized and appreciate company for selling...

805 S State Road, 48423, Davison
Various home toold 5

Hinges,electrical relays,concrete drill bits,hammers and hole saws. $3ea. or $18 for everything.

33881, Florence Villa
Drill 1

Recommend replacement of power cord

33881, Florence Villa
Grinder,angle 2

110 volt angle grinder

33881, Florence Villa

Brand Name: Casa Antica. Perfect for kitchen backsplash or bathroom design. Size 12"x12" mixed beige in color. 30 total pieces, 3 boxes w/10 in a...

11680 SW 91st Terr, 33176, Kendall
Telecommunications Management Software Solutions 1

Chetu deliver custom software development solutions for telecommunications management software system globally. We have certified software...

10167 W. Sunrise BLVD Suite 200, 33322, Plantation
Get removal vacuum for cleaning the insulation 1

Once you are able to handle insulation material the next question is how you will remove it. So, we have come up with insulation vacuum removal...

740 Fox Road, 45891, Van Wert

NEW KITCHEN/BATHROOM CABINETS for sale! Everything must go… - Entire Warehouse full, everything must go - Cabinets are still in boxes - Mix and...

3951 NW 77TH AVENUE, 33166, Doral
Technical value of insulation machinery 1

Our customers are well educated about the insulation blower parts more purposely about the machines as whole. It is the best platform where you...

805 S State Road, 48423, Davison
CM 1-1/2 Ton 19' Lift Puller, Chain Lever Hoist, 6

Used CM 1-1/2 Ton 19' lift with single pulley block, chain lever hoist, come along. Tested and in very good condition.

15360, Scenery Hill
Solar Collectors 3

I have two hot-air solar collectors that I built and would like to see them go to a good home. Each collector measures 4'x 8' and have triple...

15360, Scenery Hill
Craftsman Router 6

Vintage Sears Craftsman Router Model No. 315.17350 new in original box. Router has two original wrenches included. This router has been tested and...

15360, Scenery Hill
Machinist Tooling  and Supplys 6

Large Selection of Machinist Tools and Supplies, Drills all Sizes and Type, Cutters, Grinding Stones, Saw Blades, Bolts, Screws, Metal Stock (...

33544, Wesley Chapel
Machine Shop Tools 6
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Machine shop tools and supplies of All kind for sale too many to list. Welders, Plasma Cutters, Tooling , Horizontal Band Saw, Tooling of all...

33544, Wesley Chapel


34653, New Port Richey

paint rollers 9in,.5&.75nap,two dozen,unused,only 1.25 each,727-944-5371

180 Earl st. Tarpon Springs, 34689, Tarpon Springs
Excellence of blowing machines 1

We categorize the levels of the insulation blowing machines. Respective to the area that need to cover, we categorize the models of the insulation...

740 Fox Road, 45891, Van Wert
Crew of technology for Insulation 1

A group of technicians are involved in the assertion or the estimation of the insulation machines that are pre-owned actually. With respect to...

805 S State Road, 48423, Davison
Removing Insulation with Ease 1

With the effect of the insulation removal vacuums the wrong installation is cleaned off. The area that needs to cover will determine the range or...

740 Fox Road, 45891, Van Wert
Profitability of machines for insulation 1

It is only the cool insulation blowers which are considered or respected as the affordable insulation machines for utility in all aspects or the...

805 S State Road, 48423, Davison
Start your own business with used blowing machines 1

Everyone thinks that used machine is not as effective as new but they are wrong as we have come up used insulation blowing machine for sale. Our...

740 Fox Road, 45891, Van Wert
Shop Saw 2

Grabber brand metal cutting table saw. 120 volt.

33881, Florence Villa
Winding up the sales target for blowers 1

There is heavy competition prevailing among our competitors who overtake or just trying to defeat us in the sale value of insulation blowers....

805 S State Road, 48423, Davison
Dremel & Multi-tool Grinding Stones - $20 3

Dremel Tool and Multi-tool Grinding Stone Assortment: Corse, Medium, Fine Grit Stones, Oxide, Carbide, Both 1/4" and 1/8" Shaft Diameter....

Country Club Rd, 33544, Wesley Chapel

Wilton 350 FALCON MEP Metal Cutting Saw Low RPM Heavy Duty: 16" Blades comes with about 10 carbide blades. 3 Phase Power Required. $2,500 OBO .

Country Club Rd, 33544, Wesley Chapel
Lincoln Pro Cut 55 2

model name / number: Pro Cut 55 size / dimensions: 18"x 10 X 10 Lincoln Pro Cut 55 Plasma Cutter: Fully operating and all the Extras: Leads,...

33544, Wesley Chapel