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The Flyer and TheFlyer.com provide a multitude of ways for you to advertise your products, services, offers, or business.


On our digital platforms provide the best solution to web advertising and reaching a whole new customer base:

  • Targeted display banner advertising on our website that can even be specifically tailored to reach the customers that you want; both on mobile and desktop.


  • All inclusive mobile and desktop website management services with our FlyerSites.


  • The ability to list all your products or services on our leading classifieds website. Are you a high volume advertiser? We offer subscriptions to give you discounted unlimited upgrades on all of your ads. We can even set up feeds and specific landing pages for your business to make inventory management easier and make you stand out amongst all other advertisers.


  • Text marketing and database management to get the most out of your current customers and bring in new ones with effective high value ROI.


  • Full scale digita ad agency, SEO, and SEM services to take your business to the next level and see that it achieves its full potential. 




But don't forget about what we can do with print...

  • IN-BOOK Advertising allows you to take advantage of our 37 year loyal readership. The Flyer's variety of sizes and positions, bring you market dominance at an affordable rate. And with a weekly circulation is over 2.3 million households we can surely reach the people you want to reach.
  • Preprinted Inserts, supplied by you, deliver the power of direct mail at a fraction of the cost. Get in touch with one of our associates today!
  • Print & MAIL Flyers give you the impact you want from direct mail advertising. Available in various sizes and paper weights. Plus, we do all the work ~ from creative, to printing, to delivery.


Contact us today and start watching your business grow!