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Frequently Asked Questions


The Following are some of most frequently asked questions we receive about TheFlyer.com. If you are not able to find the answer to any questions you may have below, you can always contact us directly.


How do I place an ad?

The video below shows you how to place a classified ad on the site after you register and confirm your account:



How much does it cost to place an ad?

You can place any ad you’d like, with six photos and/or videos, on TheFlyer.com for FREE! The only things that cost extra are the upgrades you can choose to add while placing your ad.


How many ads can I place?

Users can place an unlimited amount of ads but you are not allowed to have more than two versions of the same ad running concurrently in the same or different categories and/or locations unless you've purchased the upgrades to do so.


Can I place an ad for my business?

For businesses we offer FREE listings in our business directory pages. In the top right of the website, top left on mobile, there is a button that says "List My Business" that you will need to click once to get started. On the next page it will ask you to fill out basic information about your business and once you hit save you will have a business account on TheFlyer.com and your business will appear in our directory. We also offer Premium Business Listings that give you the opportunity to better showcase your business with a microsite on TheFlyer.com and premier positioning in our business directory.


How long is my ad up for?

A basic ad will run for one month. If you purchase a package your ad will last for the length specified on the package. You will receive an email three days prior to the ad expiring giving you enough time to go back in and renew the ad. Ads can be renewed as many times as you'd like.


Will my ad also be in print?

All ads placed online will not appear in print unless, when available, a print & online upgrade package is purchased. If a print & online upgrade package is not available when you finish placing your ad online and are on the confirmation page you can click on the "Get My Ad in Print" button and fill out your contact info and a print representative will give you a call.


How much does a print ad cost?

All print ads are priced differently based on the category, what type of ad it is, upgrades, and how many households you’d like to reach; you will be presented with options for your ad on the second page of the ad placement process. If your ad is not given print & online package options you can request information about getting your ad in print on the ad confirmation page and a print representative will reach out to you go over the options with you. If interested in print only please contact us here.


Who will see my ad?

Online ads are not restricted geographically like print ads so they can be seen by anyone in the world though the majority of our traffic comes from both South Florida and the Tampa Bay area. When placing an ad it does ask for a zip code and city but this is used in order to place your ad in the appropriate geographic location and does not mean only people in that zip code and/or city will see it. The parameters used by people searching on TheFlyer.com determine what ads they see so if they do a county wide search only ads in that county will be displayed and the same goes for zip code and city searches though they are afforded the option to view ads within 50 miles of any location.


What does my ad status mean?

- Pending: Your ad is not active is because it is pending moderation. All ads placed in our Jobs, Pets, and Real Estate & Rentals categories, as well as those flagged for potential banned content, must be approved before going online.

- Draft: Ads that are not finished. In this case all you have to do is hit the "Place This Ad"  and proceed through the steps to finish the ad.

- Active: The ad is live and running on TheFlyer.com.

- Inactive: This means the ad is not live and running on the website but it can be set back to live whenever you wish.

- Cancelled: These ads are not live and running and are unable to be set back to live.

- Expired: The ad has completed its running time and was not renewed. To set the ad back to live click on the "Renew Ad" button.

- Rejected: The ad was stopped by one of our representatives because it violated our terms of use.


Why was my ad rejected?

Your ad could’ve also been rejected for violating our terms of use or it could’ve been picked up by our spam filter. If you feel as though your ad was unjustly rejected let us know.


Some of the ads I see online have different upgrades than the ones I see available. How do I get those?

Some upgrades are only available to ads placed in specific categories and/or locations.


Can I post my website link in my ad?

When placing an ad there is a field for you to enter your website’s url (please follow the formatting instructions) and if you do this a link will appear in your ad prompting users to visit your website. Text in ads will not hyperlink.


Where can I get info on banner ads and other form of digital advertising?

Learn about our digital product offerings here or you can contact us.


Where can I get info on print advertising?

Learn about our print product offerings here or you can contact us.