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Here's what some of our users have to say about our website:


  • "I placed an ad on TheFlyer.com for my pickup truck and sold it the next weekend. Will definitely use again next time I have something to sell." - Henry, Clearwater, FL


  • "I put an ad in The Flyer for renting an efficiency/apt. Since the ad was also placed on the internet, an hour later, I received a call and rented out the efficiency/apt." - Elvia, Westchester, FL


  • "Who would believe an ad for a rental house with a big price tag rented in the first week. I bought one of the premium packages where my ad appeared on the homepage and received my first call within 20 minutes of posting it." - Lisa, Olympia Heights, FL


  • "I am very satisfied with The Flyer. I placed an ad in the book and in their website, you just give them the information and they do it for you. People started calling the same day the ad was published on TheFlyer.com." - Rafael, West Kendall, FL


  • "The outcome of posting my ad with TheFlyer.com was a true hit! I rented my apartment in only two days. The Flyer is really useful and people go for it." - Iris, Homestead, FL


  • "I received my first call within 5 minutes of placing my ad and within 2 days I had shown my unit to 8 people who found me on TheFlyer.com and rented it out. I received so many calls from my ad that I wish I had 50 more apartments or efficiencies to rent! I got so many calls after I rented it out that I had to stop the ad and when I went into my account I saw that over a 19 day period my ad received over 650 views and 11 emails. I'm definitely going to keep advertising on TheFlyer.com! - Janice, Cutler Bay, FL.


  • "Very good. One of the best advertising methods to rent your efficiency or apartment." - Ignacio, West Kendall, FL


  • "I placed an ad for my car on a Friday, got the first call within 2 hours, and sold it the next day!" - Sherrin, Clearwater, FL


  • "I received a TREMENDOUS amount of phone calls regarding my roommate ad. In fact...I am STILL receiving them! I am very happy with the results!" - Paul, Coconut Grove, FL


  • "This was my first time placing an ad in The Flyer; it was for an Estate Sale. There were people waiting for me to open up, and it was on a Friday, not Saturday. Both days were terrific. I was planning on having the sale for two weekends, but only had to have it the one. Thanks for your help." - Lynne, Tarpon Springs, FL


  • "I placed my ad for a gun for sale on Tuesday. Today is Thursday and it already SOLD! I never expected to sell it so fast! Very happy." - Doug, Pinellas Park, FL


  • "I placed an ad for a Mobile Home for sale on a Wednesday. Three days later it was sold! I am still getting calls and very happy with the outcome!" - Lideny, West Miami, FL


  • "I placed an ad to sell my stove and investing in the premium upgrade really worked well and helped me sell it." - Lenny, Dunedin, FL


  • "I called in and placed an ad for an efficiency. Within ten minutes I had 2 different people over to look at it and had rented it out. I've never had quicker results anywhere else." - Juan, Tamiami, FL


  • "I placed an ad for my Toyota Camry on 6/27. Six days later it was SOLD!" - Gus, Valrico, FL


  • "I am so thankful I used TheFlyer.com to rent my efficiency. I received what felt like over a hundred calls and got it rented the first day! Will definitly continue using TheFlyer to advertise." - Ana, Miami, FL


  • "Anunicar en TheFlyer.com realmente me funciono y fue effectivo. Al proximo dia de pone el anuncion rente la propriedad. No sabia era tan eficiente! Estoy feliz, muchos gracias al Flyer! Habia tenido mi propriedad vacia por 2 meses y estaba perdiendo tiempo y por fin con el anuncio he resulto. Gracias por la buena attencion al cliente que me a dado." - Marta, Tamiami, FL


  • "I just wanted to say thank you to The Flyer for helping me rent out my efficiency. It took less than a week and I found a great tenant!" - Zenaida, West Kendall, FL


  • "I decided to sell my house myself and place my ad in The Flyer and on their website. I closed the deal in less than 4 weeks!" - Suzanne, Redland, FL


  • "I was able to sell my Disney princess carriage bed using TheFlyer. Will use them from now on when I have something to sell." - Brittany, Clearwater, FL


  • "I had some hurricane panels that I needed to sell and decided to use TheFlyer which was definitly a great choice as they sold real quick!" - Theodore, Palm Harbor, FL


  • "I was told that TheFlyer advertised rifles for sale so I decided to give it a try and my Deer Rifle sold insanely quick. I am beyond satisfied!" - Kerry, Tampa, FL


  • "I sold my frames already, within the week! Thank you so much I will be continuing to advertise with TheFlyer!" - Debbie, Brandon, FL


  • “I was trying to sell my La-Z-Boy recliner so I decided to use TheFlyer and I had excellent feedback and was able to sell the recliner in no time!” - George, Tampa, FL


  • "TheFlyer.com helped me sell both my computer desk and my dresser with an attached mirror. For sure I will use it again." Jimmy, Lutz, FL


  • "I used TheFlyer to sell my secretry desk and was beyond satisfied!" - Bobby, St. Petersburg, FL


  • "I had a dishwasher I was trying to sell and had no luck until I called up TheFlyer and they put it in print and on their website. Before you knew it it was sold!" - Al, Seminole, FL


  • "I sold my washer and dryer through TheFlyer.com which really helped me out; thanks for running it for me!" - Keven, Zephyrhills, FL


  • "I got multiple calls on my washer and sold it! I'm very happy with TheFlyer and so grateful they are so helpful and easy to talk to!" - Brenda, New Port Richey, FL


  • "I came across a pedestal table I wanted to sell so I put it in TheFlyer and on TheFlyer.com and sure enough it sold!" - Diane, Port Richey, FL


  • "I sold my mirror only one day after placing it on TheFlyer.com!" - Retizal, Pembroke Pines, FL


  • “The ad has been incredibly successful and I received hundreds and hundreds of calls in only about one week for my property. The customer service was excellent and TheFlyer definitely delivered more than what was promised! I always call you guys when I have a property to rent and each time the professionalism and response out does the previous one. For sure TheFlyer is my number go to source!” - Nieves, Westchester, FL


  • "I have been a very loyal and faithful customer to The Flyer. They have restored my faith in humanity and made me so happy! I have sold and bough many items from them for years and will definitely continue to do so." - Jahaira, Pembroke Pines, FL


  • "We are new to the area and got The Flyer and decided to place a free ad for my husband's landscaping business and I found an employment ad for a job I was interested in. I apllied and got the job with a great company and I am super happy! Thanks TheFlyer.com!" - Irene, Town 'N' Country, FL


  • "Thank you for your help; your support team is fabulous! Thank you so much for your service 1st assistance!" - Kathleen, Clearwater, FL


  • "Thank you for helping me sell my things. I have been placing ads with TheFlyer for more than 25 years and I've sold everything I've ever put in!" Joe, Palm Harbor, FL


  • "This is my first time advertising with TheFlyer. My neighbor had been very successful with it selling her items so she gave me the number to call...and it worked for me too!" - Fanny, Sun City Center, FL


  • "I placed an ad in TheFlyer and on TheFlyer.com for my record collection and rock and roll memorabilia. I received 10-15 calls and was able to sell it; the ads I placed in other publications delivered nothing. Big thanks to TheFlyer!" - Tony, Hudson, FL


  • "Increible!! Puse un anuncio en TheFlyer.com para rentar mi efficiency y en una hora ya estaba rentado. En menos de 24 horas he recibo mas de 150 llamadas! TheFlyer.com es el mejor!" - Manuel, Tamiami, FL


  • "Sold my scooter on TheFlyer.com - will definitely use you again, you are very effective!" - Joan, Palm Harbor, FL


  • "I placed my ad in TheFlyer and on their website for my multi-family garage sale and it was a HUGE success! We sold out everything!" - Lee, Seffner, FL


  • "I was able to sell my dog clippers by just placing an online ad which made me very happy. I couldn't have done it with all your help!" - Kim, St. Petersburg, FL


  • "After unsuccessfully trying to rent my house using local newspapers and a popular web site (craigslist) I called The Flyer and was told that they were collecting information for the publication that was going to come out a week from Wednesday but, they will posted it on their web site now. In addition, they could add 9 images for free to the web ad. At first I thought that waiting two weeks for the publication to come out was a bit too long but I wanted to rent the property for February anyway and their web site posting was going to be immediate; so I went ahead and provided all the information needed for the print and online ads. The phone started to ring instantly! Two days later and a young lady came into my office at 10am with all the requirements and rented the house.  I was able to prorate rest of the month of January and got more money than expected!  When I asked the renter where had she seen the ad, she answered - “The Flyer” I don’t trust any other web site, too many scams….


    Thanks to The Flyer and their reps who helped me with the ad and the uploading of the pictures. I had to call today because I had to cancel the web add to eliminate all of the phone calls." - Gustavo, Miami, FL


  • "I received over 25 calls from my rental ad and was able to find a great tennant. I ran the ad in print as well as online and couldn't be happier!" - Daniela, Cutler Bay, FL


  • "I have appreciated your help and always value your services and will surely look forward to utilizing them in the future. I have, and will continue to, makre reference to your services to others. Thank you!" - Lory, Zephyrhills, FL


  • "I had a whole bunch of people respond to my ad on TheFlyer.com. I asked people where they saw my ads and they all said on TheFlyer.com. I had calls from Dayton, Miami, and Tampa! The first pup was sold right away from my online ad. Thank you so much!" - Richard, New Port Richey, FL


  • "Vinny, of Vinny's Handyman Service, did a great job on my fence repair and pressure washing. He was corteous, on time, and his prices were very fair. I am very pleased with the results and service and want to say thank you to The Flyer for helping me find a great handyman!" - Lee, Carrollwood, FL


  • "Thanks to The Flyer and TheFlyer.com my beer pong table has sold!" - Holly, Palm Harbor, FL


  • "I am very impressed by the effectiveness in finding my tennant through TheFlyer.com. It has been a fast and stressless rental process. I will definitely use TheFlyer.com again! Thank you so much." - Silvia, Miami, FL


  • "I sold my kayak with just my online ad on your website! You don't mail to my area anymore and I still got a call from a woman who was searching TheFlyer.com for a kayak! Thank you so much for having such helpful reps! I am so grateful for the ad you placed for me!" Deb, Largo, FL


  • "I had great success with the roommate ad I placed with The Flyer. Not only did I find a roommate, I received lots of calls! I will use The Flyer again, and tell everyone I know how good it works!" - Martin, Homestead, FL


  • "Thanks to The Flyer for all of your help! The efficiency rented out in only 4 days." - Rosa, Miami, FL


  • "The Social Media Management program has been an incredible asset to my businesses. My business has grown tremendously in just a couple of months. Mario has been an immense help to me with expanding my social media. With his knowledge, he has helped us professionalize our business and position us for further growth. The net result: The studio has grown with more dancers eager to learn to dance." - Spotlight Dance Academy, The Hammocks, FL



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